Annubis Productions provides full commercial production services starting at pre-production and moving into production and ending with editing footage of the final piece. Production is the actual filming of the video. This is where our team will put their plan into action and capture all of the footage that will be used in the final video. Let us know what you're looking for! Call Erik Soulliard (Director) at 917.520.0898 or simply email us directly at info@annubisproductions.com

Some of our commercial video and film services include:

• Promotional Video
• Tutorial Video Production
• Social Media Videos
• Local videos
• Promo Video
• Explainer Video Production
• Drone Video Production
• Drone Videography

Many customers ask us what the production stages are so we have brief descriptions for you here. Pre-production is the planning stage. During this stage, our team will work with you to develop a concept for the video, write a script, storyboard the video, and gather all of the necessary equipment and crew to film it.

Post-production is the editing and finishing stage. During this stage, we will edit the footage, add music and sound effects, and create titles and graphics. We deliver the client an initial rough cut and then work with them to bring their vision to life in the final piece.

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Annubis Productions

Award-winning full service commercial video production company based in Central PA. We create a variety of video and film work including: promos, interviews, conceptual commercials, music videos and feature films.


770 Cumberland Street
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